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Hi there :)  So you decided to come read a little bit more about me ~ huh?  Or did you just want to see what I look like??  Well you have to read a bit or then again I guess you can just scroll on down if you want.

I guess the first thing I should tell you is that I really consider myself just to be your everyday normal, average, typical woman.  I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, with my two children ~ who also have a poem within these pages :)  They are the greatest gifts that I have ever been blessed with.  Living with us also, are our two pets:  Bandit, who is a shepherd/husky mix ~ and if I say so myself the perfect dog; and our newest addition is Delilah, a wonderfully sweet tiger looking kitten.

Some of the things that I enjoy most are ~ 
        reading, which I contribute to both my parents and my grandmother, who bestowed upon me the love of books.  Within them you can lose yourself in another world, experience new adventures, or gain knowledge to that which piques your interests.  To me ~ books are written treasures.
        as music is also ~ the lyrics and rhythm can alter your moods and emotions.  It can relax or revitalize you; maybe take you back to your first kiss; your first dance; your first love; keeping memories of our past ~ alive inside of us.
        then there is the visual artwork ~ whether looking at a painting, photograph, drawing, etc.  To be able gaze upon an image ~ see the passion, destruction, love, or hate; to be able to feel the pain, frustration, joy, happiness, love ~ making us aware of  who we are ~ and what we are capable of being or doing.
Since these things can reach deep inside of me, it is only natural for me to want to try an express myself in some of these forms of creativity.  The only ones I have found so far that I have fun with the most are writing these poems and some visual artwork ~ though I have still yet to master that on this wonderful computer ~ so for now it consists of painting sweatshirts for my friends and family.  So with that in mind, I do not promise you greatness within these poems, but I do hope that you have fun reading them and that you enjoyed your time here in what is 'my little corner of the internet'.

Dlioness Male Cub Female Cub

waiting for her picture to be developed
Bandit Delilah

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