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High above in a castleís tower
Before me a spectacular view
I see the rolling meadows
Tall wild grass slowly swaying
Beneath the sweet caress
Of the soft cool breeze
Rising up beyond
Spanning further
Than the eyes can see
Magnificent, powerful mountains
Stretching themselves up into
The clear blue skies
Looking out, I get a feeling
Of total peace and with a touch
Softer than the passing
White pillows of clouds
You rest your hands on my shoulders
Turning me to face you
I look into eyes that are
Bluer than the skies
Without speaking a word
Our bodies move together
In the same methodical dance
As the swaying grass below
Slowly, with the world
Seemingly at our feet
You lay me down
Hands barely passing across my skin
Waves of sensual desire
Iím brought to a point of no return
Reaching the highest ecstasy together
A kaleidoscope of colors
Bursting before my eyes
Still a sound cannot be heard
Except the steady beat of our hearts

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