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The Dance

Close your eyes; listen with your heart, mind an soul
Let your imagination open, painting the dance of lovers
Hear the strings of the symphony, drifting cross the room
Beckoning "Come join the dance of life."
Instinctively they rise up, reaching out, touching hesitantly
Letting the music speak to them, tales of mystery an grace
They look at each other, uncertainty, excitement an hope
Anticipation of learning, living and teaching with one another
The music increases as the wind section chimes in
The lovers move closer, an faster keeping in time with the rhythm
The symphony beckons again to their hearts to start a new dance
"Come join the dance of wonder. Come join the dance of love."
Together they began their new dance under the watch of moon an stars
With the heavens watching from above, they begin to come alive
Hearts an hands moving, with the rhythm of freedom an love
Their souls an spirits joyfully celebrate, as the percussions join in
Fast an powerful their dance continues, moving as one in rhythm
The lovers dance heightens with passion an desire
Exploding simultaneously as the cymbals crash like thunder
An then, complete silence for a brief moment, yet seeming an eternity
The symphony softens an slows it tempo, ebbing quietly away
To the quiet recesses of the hearts, bodies an souls of the lovers
Together they came an joined the dance of life, the dance of love
An they will dance morning, noon an night; they will dance forevermore.

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