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Journeys End

Wings of wind
their journeys done
the two net lovers
they are now one.

One forevermore
till eternity
their love will soar
the whole world to see

No need now of post an mail
each message given not under vale
but spoken loudly for all to hear
love words spoken endlessly

Spoken not just with words
but by touch as well
their love moves forward
where only gods do dwell

An gods didst smile on this their love
an rained from heaven far above
sweet blessings an charm that gods do cast
that this time love would last an last

Years from now both young an old
will dream to have what passions unfold
for these lovers set new precedence
of what dreams are made of.

Sat so long ~ so far apart
pain raking both ~ breaking hearts
their love did last throughout that time
to teach the young of love divine

Those that wait
shall have sweet dreams
come true upon the morrow

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