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This poem was written by my son, age 15, for a school assignment. It was submitted to a local teen magazine, accepted an published :)


This is my life
A difficult time to grow
A world filled with strive
One we all know

First are my parents
Constantly bothering me
They are such an embarrassment
Why can't they leave me be?

Then there's my kid sister
She is just a brat
No way, I won't kiss her
An Mom, you’re way too fat

Leave me alone
Can you not see
I am on the phone
Give me some privacy

Give me the car keys
It's my chance to drive
Okay, fine - please
Promise not to go over 65

Me and my friends
are just way to cool
if you don't believe this
then you are the fool

So take all your rules
they're not worth a dime
not to mention school
it's a waste of time

So give me a call
dial my pager
I am after all
Just a teenager.

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