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The Lions

Soft black lace falling in swirls to the floor
Gold entwined, candlelight dancing
The flames flickering, reflecting
Off the mirrored walls

The lion waits in the center of the room
Slowly turning round and round
Mesmerized by the enchantment of it all
Unaware of the green-gold eyes watching

Hiding in the dark shadows
The lioness lingers moving gracefully
Her eyes brightly gleaming with anticipation
Feeling the sexuality emitting from him

With quiet, steadfast agility
The lioness sneaks up from behind
Running her long red nails
Down his long sinewy arms

The lions muscles ripple under her touch
Their desires mounting higher
He turns to face her
Animal instincts taking them over

With wild powerful urgency
Their unbridled passion
Elevating them
To sweet boundless rapture

Energy spent, bodies shuddering
Their bodies glistening in the afterglow
Looking in each others eyes, they realize
They finally found everlasting bliss

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