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My Sweetest Dream

Soon I will lay my head down for the night
Upon the gentleness of my pillow
Pulling it ever tightly against me
An with eyes closed to drift off quietly
Content with knowing that again shortly
I will be with you – my sweet prince
Our fingers entwined as together we meet
Shining forth is the glow of love so bold
Hiding not that which is deep within us
Whether we are walking down the turning path
The rambling brook, bubbling next to us
Heading towards our place, remembering when
We both professed an proclaimed our love for another
Always will it be our special ‘place’
One filled with magic an enchantment
Where our dreams came alive, true and real
There I can hold you, touch you, feel you
Pulling you close, hear you heart beating
Feel your breath, caressing my skin
It is there I again feel secure an content
Wrapped up in the warmth of your loving embrace
It is but a feeling I wish never to lose
Yet the brutal coldness rings bold an loud
With the shrill buzzing sound interrupting
I reach for you, but your no longer there
My heart aches as reality sinks in
Silent tears fall upon my pillow
Longing once more for the day that you are here.

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