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Nighttime has come, darkness has fallen
Gazing up toward the moonlit sky
There is a star sparkling brightly
Beckoning, ‘tell me your message
An with great haste, I promise
Deliverance this very same night
For thy lover to dream of thy wish tonite
I sent not just a wish but this
Whispering a prayer up to heaven
To keep an ever watchful eye
Upon my lover, holding my heart
Keep him safe an out of harms way
Cover him, shield him with thy love
Till the day with outstretched arms
Pulling him close to my aching breast
Listen closely my love, what do you hear?
My heart beating, can you hear what it says?
Speaking volumes without words expressed
Through looks, a touch, a gentle kiss
My love will know the depths of my love
Not just by words, but by being shown
To comfort, to listen, just to be near
Whatever he needs, I will always be there
Now as he sleeps, dreams filling his head
Give him my message of true love divine
Let him know to, he will be in mine
An one last thing, before I say goodnight
Tell him for me "I love you, my sweet prince."

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