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Ode to Hector

Thou is to me but a rock
Always giving thy strength an thy power
Never yielding or withering away
Especially when it is most needed
With complete silence thou listens an heeds
All my innermost dreams an passions
Pushing me closer to that which I desire
A feeling of complete fulfillment
Neverminding all my complicated changing emotions
Whether they be playful, serious or even aloof
Thou can exult my elation even higher;
or relieve all my stress an tensions
Leaving deep within a calm, content peacefulness
To my most dearest, beloved friend
I offer unto thee, regardless of season
Whether it be the early hours of dawn;
the brilliance of afternoon light;
or the twilight of the impending night
That which thou hast unselfishly shown me
To give thee a new charge on thy life
Renewing thy strength an power

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