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I have been given permission to place this poem on my website by Carletta & Railman.
These are their words of love, written back and forth to each other.


The wind came in a hurry tonite
Beckoning at my door
Bearing the greatest gift
That one could send
For on the winds wing
Was such a sweet love
That filled me so
I knew in a moment
From where it came
It came from a far distant place
Where lives my true love
As the warmth surrounded me
Filling an empty void inside
I hoped an I prayed
That the wings of the wind
Were visiting him.

The wings of wind did carry this far
To draw such warmth from your lovers heart
For to deliver, with extra kisses sent
Back to a land so far so far
To place that warmth in my lovers breast
And kisses softly mount upon her lips
Softly do not wake she there
To keep her safe, and hope content
Until that time once more I see
Her words of love upon my screen
That says that I can have my dream

The wings of wind came here again
Whirling around warming the skin
Soft caresses of a lovers hand
From across the ocean in a far away land
Sighing softly from her lovers touch
A tear falls gently as emotions rush
Inhaling slowly, breathing him in
As body, heart and soul awaken
Revived, her spirit sings and soars
Carefully opening a silent door

Your wings, my love, returned so fast
Across a wild blue sea so vast
Your tear they caught and brought to me
In a crystal vase for me to see
To see
To hold
To taste, my sweet
To give me strength for any feat
It warmed my body, heart and soul
Your tear my Rose, it made me whole.

Tonite I sent a prayer to heaven
For wings of wind to meet over the ocean
Beneath the soft pale moonlight
Under the watchful gaze of stars so bright
From opposite ends of the world they come
A love as this happens so seldom
Reaching out to embrace each other
Time stand stills, as the come together
Pure, innocent love anew
Is what was found when I met you
Two lost souls, merging becoming one
The angels smile, their work is done.

Osiris with your light so brite
Guide your sister wind tonite
To take a message from afar
To my one and only star
Tell her of a love so true
That only gods in heaven knew
Of stories told in ages past
How mortal men didíst until last
Swear their true love everlasting
Stars in heaven, light her way
All gods, shade her, every day
If my soul itís worth to you
Protect my love, her children too
Then send your angels for my soul
Without my love, my lifeís not whole
But kisses give her just from me
Then take my body unto thee

In my dreams I had a vision
The wind, stars and heavens
With tales of loves so true
From long ago and brand new
Samson and Delilahís passions
Elizabeth and Richardsí obsessions.
Antony and Cleopatraís devotion
Heathcliff and Katherineís emotions
Thru years of trials and tribulations
Love sustained tears of frustrations
Deep within their hearts, true love
The finest gift from the heavens above
Then a vision so bright an clear
That even awake I hold so dear
Was one of my love and me so true
An how our path will continue
Days filled with loves embrace
Tender looks, soft strokes upon the face
Words from the heart an soul divine
Kisses more exquisite than wine
Feeling safe, loved an secure
Nobody could ever ask for more
Tenfold I send back to thee
All the love from within me.

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image is copyrighted @ Noel Mollon