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Looking past the reflection before her
Gazing upon the familiar face of a young girl
Her eyes shining brightly, talking of hops and dreams
Expectations of her future, every detail described
From husband, children ~ she can see it all
The love, support, respect, laughter ~ yes even some tears
Not quite a fairy tale; but a normal life
Envisioning her picture, she let out a contented sigh
Face glowing with excitement,
Then sensing the womanís sadness
She questioned her about those sorrowful, pain filled eyes
"dreams an hopes are for fools, never coming true,
only to be shattered to pieces, cutting apart the soul."
The girl was quiet, a tear streaming down across her face
Then in a soft voice, barely above a whisper
"please donít say that, or give up believing in hopes an dreams"
"why not, what good are they for me anymore?"
"look closer at me, an you will see ~
I am you, years ago, an if you give up on those,
You are giving up on not just me but also you."
The woman looked with eyes opened anew
Upon the girl from so long ago, could it be true?
Curious and doubtful as what now to think
Yet creeping inside, slowly starting to grow
Remembering all of those old hopes an dreams
Maybe, they can still one day come true.

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