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Shared Thoughts

"New Girl" 

I walk through these halls 
Where I don't belong 
It still seems so strange to me 
I hurry along to escape the unfamiliar faces 
Of friends laughing, talking, smiling 
Which reminds me 
When I belonged somewhere too. 

Everyone thinks it is so easy 
After all the years and friends in another place 
Just to jump in 
Immediately adjust 
Like I have been here all along. 

I don't talk very much to any of them 
They wonder why and think 
Maybe I am just painfully shy 
But what could I possibly say 
When they are reminiscing 
I wasn't there 

I don't want to hear all their memories 
I don't want to hear them laugh, talk and smile
Don't they know 
They make me feel out of place even more? 

I try so hard to fit in 
But when I am surrounded by them 
The feelings are so overwhelming 
It's hard to breath 
My stomach turns to knots 
My heart beats faster 
My head starts to spin 
And it goes blank 
Except for planning an escape 
I can't talk 
But I want to scream so badly 
For someone to understand 
What it's like 
To be the new girl.

"Ride the Wind"
            submitted by TLM  from PA

From a distance I can see the dark clouds approaching
I can hear the thunder rumbling...
See the lightening flashing
I begin to feel the breeze softly brushing against my cheek
Slowly blowing through my hair
Something inside me stirs because I know that soon
once again my fantasy will be alive
The thunder becomes louder
The lightening flashing brightly above my head
The once gentle breeze now fierst & powerful...
Beating against my body
My fantasy begins
The clenching wind travels through me
My soul can not resist it's wrath
Suddenly it is torn from within me & escapes my body
Brilliantly riding with the storm
Faster & Faster
Higher & Higher
Distance is no longer a barrier
I am being swept away to the one I love
Thunder Roaring
Lightening crashing
Souls Reunited
Time is at a stance
Phenomenal Bliss for what seems an eternity
Slowly the storm unwinds its fury
Once again all is calm
Total peace
Souls fulfilled
My fantasy ends
My heart is complete
Ride the Wind

This was submitted  anonymously.


If life were a night, it would be cold and dark
Raging with a storm of uncertainty
Though like a knife, her light cut through the darkness
Showing me the way through the storm
I stumbled and fell, countless times along the way
I didn't follow that path
and now her light is gone.
All that remains is the darkness
and the brewing storm on the horizon
But my life has still been changed forever
For now I spend my nights, searching for the light.

This poem, I sent a request to the person who wrote it, asking if I could place it here on my website.  My request was finally granted ~ Thanks Lonely :)

Lonely Soul

The old grandfather clock chimes no longer,
it hands stopped for the rest of eternity
Gone is the moon, the sun, the stars
Dark dreary world of blindness surrounds
Birds, crickets singing has vanquished
Deafness has fallen upon me
Beauty that had filled up my life
retreated when my love went away
My soul will wander restlessly through the rest of my days
Waiting, longing till when we are united together again

this poem was submitted by Miranda

We have been friends through the years,
With all the feeling of joy, anger and the tears.
It is something that we cant live without,
But as a friend I can turn to you without a doubt.

I listen carefully and not speak a word.
For you would do the same without being heard.
The person so special, faith and true,
But the only person I can talk to is you.

Your friendship is strong and true,
And you bring me up, when I am feeling blue.
A fate of laughs, greatness and fun,
We have just one life to live and this is the one.

The past is full of memories that run though my head,
But the bad one is never talked about or even said.
Every moment of life should glisten with fresh morning new,
This reminds me of the greatest friendship anyone ever knew.

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