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Under the glow of the moonlit night
Crickets humming a magical melody
Scent of lilacs, filling the air
She lies quietly upon the lush grass
A warm breeze caressing her
He comes to her there, her lover
Silently approaching this vision
Smoldering eyes drinking in
The beauty which lies before him
Without a moments hesitation
He approaches her, reaching out
Touching her silky golden hair
His hands move, tracing along
The silvery outline of her
The warmth of her lovers gentle touch
Sets her blood aflame, rushing within
Heat of desire spreading throughout
As his fingers linger upon her
Teasing, yet promise of  pleasures more
Their passion heightens, for
With each loving stroke an caress
Is followed with a gently placed kiss
Within each others tender embrace
Their bodies complete that from
Which has been entwined
From since the beginning of time
Heart, mind, body an soul now combined
Together again they become one.

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