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Spying on Love

Watching from across the distance
I spy upon a couple greeting one another
As if they are one, thinking the same thoughts
Their eyes lock together, deepest love expressed
Shining forth radiantly, an in her eye
A glistening tear gathers as they embrace
Oblivious to the people all around
With his strong, powerful arms holding her tight
He lower his lips, pressing firmly down
Upon her uplifted welcoming mouth
Reclaiming, possessing that which they’ve missed
Barely parting their lips, they again gaze into
Their eyes filled with a love fierce an true
Whispering “I love you” into her ear
Wiping an kissing away the lonely tear
They turn to walk away, not from each other, but from me
Their arms around each other
Her head resting softly upon his shoulder
Together moving ahead towards their future
Side by side, facing as one, all life has to offer
Their shield an armor is the strength of their love
They will be together a lifetime an beyond.

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