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Stepping Stones

People sometimes come into our lives
For reasons we do not realize
So we seek and search for an answer
as to what brought us both here

Some wonder if this person is just passing
or if they are the one 'ever-lasting'
Others believe there is always as reason
Just like the passing of the seasons.

At this crossroads of our lives
We are helping each other to strive
Helping each other down that weary path
With a smile, a hug, an ear or a laugh

We are learning about lifes different aspects
Valuing the others views with respect
Expressing what it is that makes us special
Making that which we used to think, again become real

In a way we are just preparing each other
A stepping stone, through lifes adventure
The light in the darkness, guiding the way
For how long? One can never really say.

These moments for which we may have together
Take them, cherish them as you would a treasure
Knowing that for each of these stepping stones we took
With a special type love, we far surpassed the brook

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