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                                    STILL NOW

It seems so hard to believe
that only two years have passed
since our eyes first locked together
an I found happiness within.
Two years since our first embrace
feeling the surge of electricity
rushing throughout my body as our lips
first came together.
The excitement an total pleasure
of having you finally next to me...
the warmth of your breath
the gentleness of your caress
the deep sound of your voice
the smell of leather an cologne
the taste of your lips an skin
the peaceful look upon your face
as you slept next to me.
Still not a day has passed
that you have not been in
my thoughts or my heart.
Though it has been two long years
I can still hear you, see you,
taste you, an feel your presence.
Wondering why?
An wanting answers to the questions
that savagely torment my heart an soul.
Only you can answer these
An while it has been two years
I still love you
beyond eternity an back.

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