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My Dearest Love,

        Even now within my mind, I still can remember that time in which we first met. Feeling that inexplicable need to reach out to you. Knowing not why, but being driven by an invisible force guiding me, pulling me to you. Finding out that you also felt that same power which pulled us towards each other; and that you could not explain it neither. The only explanation is that the gods above had predestined our love thousands of years before. Ours was a meeting of souls parted long ago, only to at this time once again be reunited. In the past, never would I have believed in the dreams of soul mates or even of their existence. Yet upon since coming together with you I have been made a devout believer. Each day of being with you, feeling your emotions ~ whether they were good or not; through your words ~ both spoken and written. When your arms first held me in that strong embrace, there was within the very core of me a feeling of new completeness. You made me whole. It is but a feeling I never wish to lose. I now know that I would gladly live and die a thousand lives with the knowledge that in the end I will spend the rest of eternity with you.

                                                                Yours forever,

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