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Thoughts constantly run through my mind
Emotions an feelings deep within my heart
How could one make me feel this way
Intensity, excitement, sensual, loving,
Caring, intriguing, tenderness, joyful
So many more ~ so hard to put into words
Yes my love, I care so much for you
These feelings that we share
Have been around for many years
Old an yet the feeling is so new
Though ours is not a typical one
Not conventional like it use to be
We came together through words
Our only true means to communicate
Inside my mind, I hear your voice
I see your face, can almost feel your touch
Though I can only imagine how it would feel
To have your arms around me
What has fate and destiny done to us
Is it fair an true or cruel an unjust
Miles separate the hearts filling up
With emotions anew ~ mainly love
Two lives longing, questioning
The trials, frustrations an tribulations
Cause it is not just the miles
That keep us apart ~ no my love
There is so much more than that
Hearts cry out, tears stream freely
For it is hard to bear this uncertainty
I cry out at night to the stars in heaven
To the gods, the moon or whoever is listening
To send down a sign with an answer
So that I can comprehend
My heart cries out, as it aches
Reaching, touching a picture of you
One day my love, I donít know how
That dream of touching you, will be mine
If only for once, they bestow my wish upon me
I have no answers ~ no easy solution
Confusion an love is all that I have
These are my thoughts an feelings
Still just as jumbled and confused
The only thing I am sure of
Is my love for you.

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