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Every night I sit an think about you an me
Through your words I have seen the depths of your soul
Seen the love that dwells deep within your heart
For me to be the receiver of such a love as yours
Brings a happiness that had been since long lost
Though we are not in the same place or time
No other is as close to me as you are
Yet soon we will discover for ourselves a new oneness
Only though it will be but for a very short time
For we will but have to leave each others arms
To again begin the dreams an words
Which had first brought us together
I want you to know what is in my heart
For this strange an wonderful thing we found
An that is I will wait for however long it takes
For those circumstances keeping us apart
To work themselves out
For no matter how long it may take, my love
It will be just a brief moment in time
To be able to spend the rest of eternity with you.

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background image by Windy's Free Image Gallery